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These skills support personal development, boost self-confidence and are critical in communication not only in school, but until career level.

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Build confidence in presenting

In this course, we start with the skills needed for confident public speaking: Paying attention; working memory; making connections; communication styles; flexible thinking; and routines and language. We will assist your child in getting to know him/herself in a warm, trusting environment and give them confidence to express themselves to others before using structured informative, persuasive or unrehearsed presentations.


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Other Life Skills Courses

Public Speaking

Life Skills Development

This course will teach your child the skills needed to be able to present a speech in front of other people with confidence. They will learn about different types of public speaking, skills on creating a speech and how to present a speech.

Formal Writing

Life Skills Development

This formal writing course will include the types of formal writing, reasons for using formal writing, the language used in this writing, and planning and presentation of different formal writing tasks.

Creative Writing

Life Skills Development

This course will teach your child how to use creative language correctly in creative writing tasks. This will include the elements of creative writing, organization, grammar, editing and presentation skills.

Handwriting course

Academic Skills Development

With the excessive use of technology, handwriting is left behind. With this course, we focus on the perceptual skills used in writing as well as various techniques and activities to refine handwriting skills and instill neat writing.


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