handwriting course

Writing something by hand opposed to typing or using a touch screen engages the brain differently.


Increasing legibility and fluency

Students retain learning better (improves memory) through handwriting, therefore neat and legible handwriting is of great importance. Writing is a vital form of communication throughout life. In school, children need to write every day. To be competent in writing, their handwriting needs to be legible and fluent. In this course, we not only focus on writing itself, but also on the underlying skills needed to have good handwriting. These include: pencil grip, comfort and flexibility of the writing hand, posture, paper positioning, etc.

Areas covered in this course include fine motor skills activities in each session; tracking, tracing and independent writing activities; gross motor skills activities for coordination and upper body strength; muscle strength, tactile awareness, opposing finger strength (thumb and index finger) and wrist strength activities; finger rhymes and action poems; and detailed checklists to make sure that your child masters every skill in improving their handwriting.


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