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Emergent literacy is essential for children to be successful in reading fluently and spelling correctly. Providing your child with the opportunity to have an early start on reading will help develop their brain, focus and concentration, and social skills.

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Phonics Course

It teaches children how to decode letters into their respective sounds which is an important skill to help reading unfamiliar words.

This is an intensive course to focus on the specific sounds that your child needs to master to improve their reading and spelling.Β  It is based on a detailed assessment to target their level of knowledge and fill in needed gaps. Various interactive activities that include all the senses are included in this course to enhance learning and retaining information.


Reading Course

Scientific studies across the world proved that reading has direct correlation to early childhood development. Young children have amazing mental and learning capacities that need to be embraced. This will give them an advantage when starting primary school!

This course will introduce your young one to developing skills necessary for reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. We will guide them step by step in all the skills needed to be advanced in their reading. This will boost their confidence in themselves and create a love for reading with lifelong effect!


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Other English Courses

Phonics & Reading

Academic Skills Development

Does your child struggle with specific words and sounds? We assess their level of phonics understanding and create a customized course to support them in advancing. This will have a direct positive impact on their reading and spelling as well!

English Language

Academic Skills Development

We use the results of an initial assessment to create a customized learning plan for your child. This includes spelling, reading, comprehension and language skills activities to attend to the skills as identified by the assessment.


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