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Supporting students aged 3 - 18, specializing in Math and English, taught by certified native English and Arabic speaking teachers.

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The best entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, athletes and scholars all practice and up skill. Our students practice English & Math skills so they can excel in school.

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Courses tailored to your child’s specific needs AND talents. Small groups to ensure child recieves individual attention.

Variety of activities

Our 60-minute sessions will consist of a variety of activities to keep your child focused and interested.


You will know exactly what your child did in each lesson and frequent reassessments will track progress.

Brainiacs donates 5 AED per student

per session to the Make A Wish Foundation UAE. This wonderful charity grants magical wishes for critical ill children.

our popular courses

Islamic Program

Academic Skills Development

Our Islamic program will teach your child the values of, and support their understanding of the Holy Qur’an. Lessons will include Islamic etiquette, moral behavior and Islamic teachings.

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trusted by 200+ students

I’ve always wanted to be the top Math student in my class. Miss M helped me to not only be the best student, but also be prepared for the next grades already! Thank you, Miss M!

AhmedAged 8

I struggled a lot with English, but Miss M helped me and now I can read, understand and speak it a lot better!

AliAged 10

My spelling grades have improved a lot since I started working with Miss M to help me learn my phonics sounds

SalamaAged 7

Thank you for teaching me English words!

MeeraAged 3

I never liked Math, but now big numbers don’t make me scared anymore.

ShammaAged 9

I have learnt how to write longer sentences and answer questions about stories, thank you Miss M!

SaudAged 9

Miss M helps me to learn sounds and read new words, now I like reading storybooks

AyshaAged 6

Math is my favourite subject and Miss M helped me to be the best student in my class. I am so happy!

HamadAged 7

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